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Name:Darius Benjamin Alexander
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:New Rochelle, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Darius Benjamin Alexander is the oldest child born to Luke and Cindy Alexander of Burlington, Vermont. Darius beat his twin brother, Hunter by a minute, and nearly ten years after Hunter and Darius, Brody, a surprise bundle of joy arrived. Within those ten years, their dad fought and survived Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. They thought the chemo would leave him infertile, but one determined little swimmer managed to get through and complete their family of three boys.

Darius was probably the most vibrant of the brothers. It was evident from a young age he was gay. He was effeminate and flashy, and not ashamed to show it. He will tell you he borders on being a stereotypical gay guy, but he's happy with that. He wouldn't say he's a fashionista or anything like that, but he loves shopping. he loves a good night dancing at a gay bar, and he doesn't feel any urge to hide his sexuality in any way. He was always accepted by his family from the moment he began to understand what it meant to be gay. They all supported him, and Hunter has been his incredible other half his whole life. Darius was there for him every step of the way when Hunter lost his trans best friend to suicide.

Which was why it came as a surprise when Darius ended up choosing a similar path in life to Hunter. They both went to nursing school together, and graduated with their RNs. However, where Hunter veered more into youth psych work, Darius chose to become a paramedic - a career no one saw coming for him. They all thought maybe Darius, with his fun and gentle nature, would end up in pediatric nursing, but his heart was most certainly in paramedics. The only set back he had in his career was when a violent psychotic patient he was transporting beat him up, tried to strangle him, and slammed his head into the bar of the gurney. He spent a week in hospital after that and took a leave of medical absence from work for three months to recover from the trauma.

It did take a lot for him to get back to work, but he did everything he needed to with therapy and worked through it. He still loves his job, though after the harder shifts, he tends to like hitting a bar or nightclub for some dancing to let his hair down and chill out. Everyone who does a job like his needs an outlet with the things they see. Darius will never know how he actually has the balls to do what he does, but for some reason, he ended up with the mojo.

Darius currently lives in New Rochelle, NY with his brothers. Brody has just come to live with them to attend a performing arts school on a scholarship he was awarded in the wake of winning the TV talent contest. It's nice to share a place with his brothers, because family has always meant the world to him. Darius is single, but most definitely looking. He had just found his relationships don't stick because of the crazy shift work he does. But he figures none of those were meant to be. He has a crazy fantasy of one day meeting his Prince Charming and being swept off his feet... something both his brothers tease him mercilessly about, but Darius has always been one to give as good as he gets.

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